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Suparee Cree 80w Amber Yellow Brake Light Auto Turn Signal Lights Leds Driving Light Automotive Accessories

Price :    Product Description Power:80W LED Quantity:16PCS LED Chip: Cree LED Chip Voltage:DC12-24V Beam Angle:360 Usage: Brake Light/Turn Signal Light/Back-up Light Color: Double colors (Top White and Side amber/Yellow) Package included: 2 Pcs 1157 Brake Light & Turn signal light Power:80w Beam Angle:360 degree CREE 80W AMBER YELLOW Usage:Turn Signal Light lamp Fitment:Pre-wired wire socket […]

Suparee 40w 3600lm Auto LED Headlights H7 Conversion Kit 1 Pair Car Headlamp Car Accessories

Price :    Product Description 1.Model:40w 3600LM 6000K 2.LED Quantity:2PCS-COB 3.Voltage:DC12V-24V 4.Beam Angle:360° 5.Usage:Head Light 6.Life-span:>30000hrs 7.Can do models :H4/H7/H8/H9/H11/9005/9006 If have more demand,please feel free to let us know. H7 Socket Model:40w 3600LM 6000K LED Quantity:2PCS-COB Voltage:DC12V-24V Can do models :H4/H7/H8/H9/H11/9005/9006 If have a more demand,just please let us know feel free. Suparee 40w 3600lm […]

Suparee H4 High/Low Beam 50W/30W 4500/2700LM CREE MKR Led Car Headlight Conversion Kit Fog Lamp DRL Compatible H13 9004 9007

Price :    Product Description Specification: Item type: H4 Hi/Lo led headlight kit Power:Hi:80W Lo:50W Led light source: High beam Led: CREE U2 Low beam Led:CREE MKR Voltage:DC12-24V Option color: Sliver Color Temp.:6000K-6500K Socket Available: H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 9005 9006 PSX24W PSX26W 9004 9007 H13 (Please remark which socket you need,thanks!) Color: White 2PCS-CREE-MKR+2PCS-CREE-XML […]

Suparee 2Pcs 20W 1200LM Auto LED Headlights Conversion Kit Car Headlamp Car Accessories

Price :    Product Description 1.Model:Beam1200LM 6000K 2.LED Quantity:2PCS-CREE-1512(H/L) 3.Voltage:DC12V-24V 4.Beam Angle:360 5.Usage:Headlight 6.Life-span:30000hrs 7.Can do model: H4/H7/H8/H9/H11/H13/H16/9004/9005/9006/9007(If demand,please leave message thanks) After many years of Research and Development, the PlasmaGlow LED Ignitors Headlight Conversion Kit is the most advanced lighting system to date. While significantly brighter than it is halogen counterpart LED Igniters have an […]

Suparee 1 Set 9005 Car LED Headlight Cree MTG LED 30W 3200LM/Bulb 6000K Automotive Exterior Fog Light Bulbs

Price :$107.77    Product Description Specification: LED Chip: CREE Xlamp MT-G2 LED Quantity:Sigle Beam,2Pcs(1Pcs CREE Chip/Bulb) H/L Beam:4Pcs(2Pcs CREE Chip/Bulb) Voltage: DC12V-24V Current: Hi:3.0¡À0.2A Lo:2.8¡À0.2A Power: Sigle Beam:60W(30W/BULB¡Á2) H/L:High Beam 72W (36W/Bulb¡Á2) Low Beam:60W(30W/Bulb¡Á2) Lumes: Sigle Beam:5200lm(2600lm/Bulbx2) H/L:High beam:6400lm(3200lm/Bulbx2) low beam:5200lm(2600lm/Bulb¡Á2) Color Temperature:6000K White color IP Grade: IP67 Beam Angle: 360¡ã/180¡ã Life Span: About 50000Hours To […]