Digital Labs Portable Dual 7Inch Dvd Cd Player

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Product Description

2 x 7″ 16:9 TFT screen
DVD video and CD audio compatible
and Picture CDCompatible
Dolby digital (AC3) digital audio output
Dolby digital ( AC3 ) audio decoder : 2 Channels
Dolby digital ( AC3 ) Stereo down mix output
10 Bit video D/A converter
NTSC or PAL/NTSC video output
On screen display user setup menu
TV aspect selection : 16:9 / 4:3 pan & Scan / 4:3 Letter Box
Chapter / Time search
Capacity for upgrading the software via CD-R.
Audio language selection
Subtitle selection
Fast forward / backward, slow forward, skip forward / backward &
step forward
Repeat A < - > B, Repeat one / all
Connection jacks :
2 LCD 9 Pins DIN Jack Output
Composite video input / output
2 Channel audio output
Earphone Output
Rotary Earphone Volume
Built-in Stereo speakers
DC 9V input
AC adapter 110V to 240V input 50/60 Hz

Box Includes:

* Portable DVD/CD Player
* 7″ 16:9 TFT screen (x2)
* 2 Sets of Earbuds
* Remote Control
* A/C Power Adapter (for Use in Home)
* D/C Power Adapter (for Use in Car)
* 2 Sets of DIN Cables (connects main unit to screens)
* Composite A/V Cable
* Headrest Mounting Straps
* Carrying Case

  • Digital Labs Portable Dual 7″ DVD CD Player

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Digital Labs Portable Dual 7Inch Dvd Cd Player